Our Preschool and Kindergarten programs offer a clean, safe and reliable environment fostering not only academic excellence but also social interaction, creativity, ethical values and positive self-image.

Our preschool daily schedule includes carpet time, language arts, math concepts, story time, music and arts & crafts. Pre-k students will be introduced a new letter weekly as well as one number per week. At the end of their school year, they will be able to recognize their alphabets and numbers 1-20.

We encourage children to experience the joy of learning through motivation and positive reinforcement from our nurturing teachers. We are united in the goals of educating, guiding, and loving each child.

Our Kindergarten program offers children the solid foundation they need for ongoing learning.  Our academic foundation emphasize on basic skills, standards, math, writing and reading.  Our kindergarten graduates will be well prepare when they enter a new school.